At the same time, production scheduling will reduce inventory costs by ensuring ingredients and products aren’t sitting on your shelves for extended periods of time. Therefore, it is critical that your ERP system aid in creating and protecting these critical assets. A pharmaceutical manufacturing ERP must be able to document various ingredients, their storage, the manufacturing process, pH values, particle size, and much more – along with the ability to review it at any given moment. Additionally, the system will need to track any revisions made to the formula, scale it to batches, and more. Further, the system must allow you to set security restrictions to ensure that only users with the authority to make changes can do so.

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One of the aspects that makes inventory management in pharmaceutical manufacturing unique is the issue of controlling for material and product expiration. Systems designed specifically for pharmaceutical manufacturers allow you to set up inventory picking using a FEFO (first expiring, first out) process. The FEFO approach minimizes the number of products or materials that expire before sale. Integration with technologies such as RFID and barcode can further optimize the efficiency of your inventory control department. As a Pharmaceutical manufacturing company, you should select an ERP for pharmaceutical manufacturing software that conveniently manages your business’s requirements.

Pharma ERP Software

In the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, software selection can be the difference between life and death. Yes – but true, considering your ERP software is the backbone of your manufacturing process. Before getting too far into the selection process, you must first consider your needs as a manufacturer in the pharmaceutical industry. Sometimes, there is an acute shortage of medicines and other pharma-related products due to unforeseen circumstances like the recent coronavirus pandemic. Also, creating & maintaining real-time inventory status reports on a ledger and placing orders manually with the vendor is a time-taking process. Optimize inventory management, quality control, and compliance issues using a single software.

sage x3 for pharmaceutical

PV provided regular project status updates on progress of the validation deliverables, project budget, and risks to the project and schedule. Beginning in 1994, Shawn has spearheaded the company’s growth to become the largest Sage provider in Western Canada. Sage X3 Shipping is an optional interface to best-of-breed shipping systems for your company. Find out how you can balance stock levels and expiration dates with better demand forecasting, reporting, and inventory control from Sage X3. For more information about choosing an appropriate pharmaceutical ERP, please contact Net At Work today. The company had experienced rapid growth, largely through acquisitions, and needed an ERP solution that  could scale to accommodate future growth.

Inventory Control

Maintain complete forward and backward lot traceability for each ingredient and end-item, along with a full audit trail and archive of historical transactions for multi-year periods. Manufacturing delays are costly, as they result in lost sales, dissatisfied customers, and wastage due to expiring products. With the MRP functionality available within many pharmaceutical systems, you will be able to set a production schedule in advance. MRP & production scheduling will take into account capacities (both machine and human), lead times on ingredients, predicted demand, and several other factors to ensure that you have the products available to your customers when they want them.

For example, ERP keeps track of price fluctuations and current market demand to make informed strategic decisions. Similarly, it keeps a bird’s eye throughout the entire production process to identify areas of waste, eliminate waste, reduce costs, and aggressively respond to market price wars. The pharmaceutical industry in Australia represents a knowledge-based, technology-driven sector. The Australian pharmaceutical industry contains bio-medical researches, biotechnology enterprises, originators, and generic medicine companies.


There will be more precise requirements in the future for individual package tracking to be adopted gradually. Pharmaceutical preparation contract manufacturers must have a written quality agreement with the agency that has outsourced production to them that defines roles and responsibilities clearly. The contractor’s process controls may come under the purview of the owner’s CGMP protocols or may be able to designate their own quality control unit. In either case, the practices used in producing the end products must follow the guidelines established in CGMP for drugs or they will be labeled adulterated.

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And if you fail to adhere to compliances, you may attract massive fines or risk shutting down your company. Creating a system of checks and balances, generating and validating bills and receipts, tracking changes in rules and regulations cannot be done without pharma ERP software. The limited domestic capacity of Australia makes it to be at the end of a long and complex supply chain operations for the majority of its medical supplies and equipment’s. The various touchpoints starting from the warehouse to manufacturing till distribution make the processes lengthy and cumbersome. Sage ERP software solution identifies the loopholes and provides careful planning, execution and higher transparency to collaborate multiple processes onto a single platform.


If you’re not in a position to implement a fully comprehensive solution, you still have options to fill the gaps. There are many add-on products designed to extend the functionality of existing systems to handle specific tasks like R&D management, compliance tracking, or quality control. The sales order is fed in Sales Management System of Sage X3, supplemented with a delivery and sales invoice. Also, maintaining appropriate control over the sales of pharmaceutical products is required by drug law authorities. Sage X3 pharmaceutical manufacturing software has many features like Drug license expiry date, Drug license number, and credit control that allows checking these statutory records conveniently. It can put an order on hold if the earlier records don’t match the required sales order.

sage x3 for pharmaceutical

Inventory Control – Having the right amount of inventory at a particular time can be decisive to success and if inventory management is improved, waste can be decreased. Better Inventory Management is sage x3 cloud based is also the key to better and successful Customer Relationships. While the FDA provides guidelines regarding software validation, it does not tell companies exactly how to do it.

ERP for Medical Device Manufacturers: Laying the Foundation for Innovation

This information will help ensure continued commitment to compliance in all relevant products as well as allow root cause of noncompliance to be identified much more easily. Instances of adulterated products or situations which may lead to adulteration must also be preserved. ERP software for pharmaceutical manufacturing helps modern-day pharma companies deal with numerous challenges they face. They can better respond to price fluctuations, rampant price wars, continuous innovation, predatory pricing, inconsistency in quality, stricter government regulations, reverse engineering of pharma products, and the influx of new entrants.

  • Sage X3 ERP pharmaceutical manufacturing Australia, with its unique aspect of regulation compliance makes it perfect for pharmaceutical industries.
  • Similarly, it keeps a bird’s eye throughout the entire production process to identify areas of waste, eliminate waste, reduce costs, and aggressively respond to market price wars.
  • MRP & production scheduling will take into account capacities (both machine and human), lead times on ingredients, predicted demand, and several other factors to ensure that you have the products available to your customers when they want them.
  • Make sure your system supports each step of the process and allows you to request quality control tests, track the results, and take corrective action.
  • Back-office accounting functionality integrated with your pharmaceutical manufacturing package will encompass features like accounts payable processing, receivables management, financial reporting, and budgeting.
  • They can alter campaigns based on changing market patterns and implement strategies on-the-go.

The team delivered a Validation Summary Report to record the delivery of all the planned validation deliverables and to detail how the clients’ documentation satisfied regulatory requirements. PV sent a team member to the clients’ site to execute testing and to provide guidance, to facilitate review of executed test scripts, and to ensure expedient execution for the remaining user acceptance scripts. A second PV team member simultaneously performed off-site remote testing from the PV office location. It is worth noting that we have since performed several other Sage X3 validations completely remotely, without any onsite execution. PV established reoccurring meetings with the client stakeholders to gain information for the creation of a validation plan and to complete assessments (Risk and 21 CFR Part 11).

Compliance Management

Customers and regulators alike expect pharma companies to offer complete traceability from sourcing to manufacturing to labeling to distribution. With the ever-increasing regulatory requirements, companies must ensure they are compliant with all applicable guidelines. General Material PurchaseDepartment users can raise a material requisition request for the required raw material to the storekeeper. Consequently, the storekeeper will check if the material is available in the warehouse using Sage X3’s inquiry screen.

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As the industry continues to transform, companies can benefit from incorporating all business processes into one software solution through Sage X3’s scalable, flexible, and cost-effective features. Industry-specific Sage X3 Process Manufacturing Suite supports the demanding functionality that food and beverage manufacturers and distributors require. Optimize management of formulas and recipes, potency, by-products, packaging units, shelf-life and more with complete end-to-end capabilities.

Supply Chain

Sage X3 Process Manufacturing Suite for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers provides automated support for process or batch manufacturing involving formulation management, weight calculations and potency management. The Sage X3Pharmaceutical Preparation bundle, powered by Sage, enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to remain informed of their supply chain movements and situations, allowing for precise reporting on compliance-related tasks. The underlying processes, materials and ingredients are required to be connected in an effort to generate the detailing of data for real-time decisions. Assets are generally equipped with smart sensors which in turn continuously pull data sets from sources. Integrated systems from operations to business systems and supplier to Customers provides users from a holistic view of supply chain activities tracing overall efficiency.